Hunger Awareness Month

Each year in March our community celebrates and supports Hunger Awareness Month through activities that include supporting the Marion-Polk Food Share. We had a kickoff program on March 1st from the Marion-Polk Food Share, and our club will host our annual food drive on Saturday, March 16th from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Hayesville Roth’s store on Portland Rd. NE. In addition to the food drive, club members will also take part in food sorting at the Marion-Polk Food Share in March.

East Salem Rotary Projects

East Salem Rotarians have been engaged in numerous projects and events this year, offering a variety of activities to accommodate members’ interests and skills.  Below are a few of the projects we’ve worked on:
Donated fire & medical supplies were sent to volunteer fire departments in Mexico
Donated funds to a milk bank for non-lactating mothers in Mexico
Market Street cleanup
Assembled goodie bags for women in homeless shelters
Spread bark chips in garden at La Casita
Distributed dictionaries to fourth grade students in area schools
Built an outdoor play kitchen at Family Building Blocks

Provided Christmas gifts for children at La Placita, as well as an appearance by Santa (La Placita serves low-income families with children with special needs)
Salvation Army bell ringing
Monthly first Tuesday socials
McKay musical program in December

Here are upcoming events and projects:
Hunger In Our Community food drive–March
Palm Sunday brunch at Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community–April
Build outdoor playground for La Placita–spring

Market Street Cleanup

We had a great turnout for the Market Street cleanup that took place last Saturday. Ten club members and a five-year-old assistant tidied up Market Street and completed the job in a little over an hour. Thanks to all who helped with this project, and to Steve Poland, photographer, for organizing it.

La Casita Garden Project

Nine club members volunteered to help spread bark chips at the La Casita learning garden on Saturday, October 6th. The group spread 4.5 yards of bark chips on the walking paths in the garden. Thanks to Steve Poland for ordering and supervising the delivery, and thanks to all who assisted with this project. We anticipate providing additional maintenance to the learning garden at La Placita sometime in the spring.

Tabletop Service: Women’s Goodie Bags

Last week’s club meeting featured a “tabletop service” project rather than a speaker. We assembled goodie bags for women in local homeless shelters using items donated to Simply Birthdays. This group provides monthly birthdays to children in local homeless shelters, and distributes goodie bags to women and children at these parties. Thanks to all who came and helped with this project (including a visiting Rotarian), and please be thinking of other similar projects we can take part in at a club meeting.

Rotary Dictionary Labeling Party

The dictionaries that local Rotarians annually distribute to fourth grade students in the area were labeled today at a work session held at Mission Mill. An enthusiastic group of Rotarians from area clubs finished the task in about 30 minutes. Thanks to all of the East Salem Rotary Club members who took part: Pat and Ted Mack, John King, Russ Lipetzky, Kris Trachsel, Eric Larson and Maureen Casey. The dictionaries will be distributed to east Salem schools during the month of September.

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