Saturday capped off another busy week at East Salem Rotary.
IMG_4539The week began with the already reported upon Palm Sunday Brunch at Willamette Lutheran Homes.  Thanks to the generosity of fellow Rotarians, the community and Willamette Lutheran Homes, we were able to raise $4,164.00 to put to work in our community through our community service projects.

At our club meeting on Friday, not only did we induct a new member and  hear from our fellow club member Mary Hollinger about her wonderful artistic endeavors, we used the Sgt. at Arms collection to help Soffi out with her youth exchange project to help raise money for Shelterbox.  Each year, the students raise money to purchase one or more Shelterboxes, which include a large tent and basic supplies to use as immediate shelter following a natural disaster.  Each box costs $1000, and through our efforts on Friday, Soffi has an additional $89 to contribute.

IMG_4550The week culminated with our annual Food Drive at Roth’s Hayesville.  In addition to the many pounds of food we collected, the club also raised an additional $200 through the sale of raffle tickets at club meetings throughout the month of March.

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