A big shout out to all the East Salem Rotarians for their help at the Palm Sunday Brunch! And an even bigger thank you to the spouses, children and friends who helped fill in for absent members! Although we were short handed, we had fun because of our friendships with each other. Nothing to report on how much was brought in, but attendance seemed to be a bit down from last year. The good news is that next year the brunch will NOT be held during spring break!

Our next event is the food drive at the Hayesville Roth’s on this Saturday, March 26 between 9:00 and 2:00. We have at least one person signed up for each 1-hour shift — however, if you can come help out, please do so! We need an additional person on the following shifts:
10:00 – 11:00
1:00 – 2:00
2:00 – 3:00

Don’t forget that this Friday is the last day to turn in your donation to Marion Polk Food Share! Fill out the donation card that was mailed to you earlier (or use one of the cards at our club lunch) to donate cash or to record food donations made. If you volunteer at our food drive, that counts also!
Thank you to those members who attended our club assembly last week and to those who completed the survey. We had great discussions about fund raising ideas, membership challenges, and meeting location. Some of the ideas are easy to address (more transparency from board, a guest book to gather email information from guests and speakers) and some have been assigned to specific members to research (fund raising ideas). Overall, people are attracted to our club because of the friendships we develop and the projects we do. However, the big three “dislikes” are apathy, the size of our club/loss of members and fund raising concerns. I don’t have the notes from the meeting yet, but will write more in a future newsletter. I’m glad that we have more information for Darlene Taylor to reflect upon for her upcoming presidency.

The International Service Committee is working on gathering medical and fire fighting equipment to send down to Nogales, Mexico, through the Rotary Club there. If you have a contact at a fire department or medical clinic, contact Erik Larson for more information.

For our Rotarians at Work Day this year (April 30), the Community Service Committee has scheduled time to start prepping the garden area at La Placita. Materials to build the raised gardens will be ready in mid-May from CTEC.

To read more of the newsletter, Click Here.

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