How exciting it was on Friday to induct another new member into our club. 

Whenever a new member is inducted, I always think back to my induction and where Rotary has taken me.  

As someone who works primarily in the non-profit sector, the leadership and professional training alone have been invaluable.  I have been able to meet some amazing people and share experiences that I never would have imagined, and it was all because of Rotary. 

People ask when I had my Rotary moment, and anymore, I can’t pin it down to just one time.   There was that time when I was in the South Salem club when we built the memory garden at Willamette Valley Hospice and rang the bell in memory of club members past, there was that time I first saw a Shelterbox and realized the support that we were providing to people who had experienced disasters we can only imagine, there was that time when we handed a check over to McKay High School to help pay for caps and gowns with money we had raised for them at a community garage sale, there was that time when I was part of a team building a hospital in Guatemala, there was that time…

And it all goes back to that day, twelve years ago, when I was introduced to Rotary.   What is your Rotary story?  

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