East Salem Rotary ~ 2019 Scholarship
$1000 for College Tuition or Books

The East Salem Rotary Club will award one $1000 or two $500 scholarships to the winner(s) of their essay contest.

Student applicants are requested to answer the two leadership questions and write a 400 plus word essay on the 2018-19 Rotary International theme “Be The Inspiration”.   The winning essay will demonstrate how the recipient(s) has embraced a cause to bring people together to change the lives of others for the better.  The essay contest is open to any college bound student who will graduate from high school this spring (year 2019).  Preference may be given to students graduating from the schools directly associated with the East Salem Rotary Club (Blanchet Catholic School, Chemawa Indian School and McKay High School)

The scholarship money will be paid on behalf of the winning student, to the college designated by the student.  Should the student end up not attending college, the award will be forfeited.

The essay and answers to the leadership questions will be judged by East Salem Rotarians using the same criteria taught in college prep English classes.

All essays are to be typed with the topic centered at the top, and the student’s name and contact information in the right hand corner. All work on the essay is to be completed only by the student applicant.

Essays are due in the Guidance Counselors Office no later than April 1, 2019.

400 plus word essay theme: “Be The Inspiration”

Two Leadership Questions:

1.Define your specific leadership abilities.

2. Describe school / work activities in which you have been involved (social, civic, religious, etc.) and note your leadership roles.

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